How to Trap Raccoons Video

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How to Trap Raccoons Video

Posted 2018-08-21T05:02:00Z

Roger Culpepper Offers Advice for Eliminating Predators

Why trap raccoons? As Roger Culpepper says in the video, "The turkeys appreciate it . . ."

Raccoons are among the many egg-eating predators out there. Wildlife management on your property can help wild turkeys thrive better.

As the late great Lovett E. Williams, Jr. wrote in his classic book The Art & Science of Wild Turkey Hunting, "Raccoons are not only serious egg predators, they are a problem also with game food plantings and automatic game feeders by eating large quantities of feed and planted seed and sometimes damaging mechanical feeders."

Do you trap raccoons to help wild turkey populations? As always, check state and local regulations for doing so. Got a few tips? Please comment below.

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(Editor's note: This blog was first posted July 16, 2016.)