Independence Day Wild Turkey Recipes

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Independence Day Wild Turkey Recipes

Posted 2012-07-01T09:01:00Z

Independence Day Wild Turkey Recipes

Independence Day wild turkey recipes can extend the great hunts you had this past spring. Yep, it's time to thaw those frozen turkey breasts to make room for the coming fall hunting season. We've pulled together some great ideas for grilling, smoking and frying your wild turkey.


Do you have some wild turkey breast in the freezer? If so this recipe from Chris Johnsrud (a.k.a. hunt2live), the recent Realtree turkey recipe contest winner, might be for you. Here's his delicious entry "Turkey Breast with Huckleberry Glaze."


Interested in firing up your smoker this holiday week? This video will show you how to brine your turkey breast. Here's how you can prep turkey jerky for the smoker. Finally, here's wild turkey ready for eating after the smoking process is done.


Maybe you're a big fan of deep-frying your wild turkey? If so this might be the best wild turkey you will ever eat.

Got a wild turkey recipe you'd like to share with us? What cooking plans do you have for the Fourth of July?

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