Need a New Turkey Hunting Shotgun?

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Need a New Turkey Hunting Shotgun?

Posted 2018-01-02T08:42:00Z

Buy or Trade Your Shotgun for Spring Turkey Season?

There's no better time to buy a new shotgun for the coming spring turkey season than now.

It's winter. If you're a turkey hunter, the season can't come fast enough. Problem is, up North, sub-zero temperatures outside make it seem as far away as next Christmas. It's even been unseasonably cold down South this winter.

That's why a lot of us start looking through our gun safes this time of the year. We get antsy, impatient and want to speed the days. Winter gets a lot of us thinking about trading in an old cornshucker for a newer model.

It gets us thinking nostalgically, too. This tends to have us thinking about buying an older shotgun, if only for the heck of it.

Courtesy photos, Skyhorse Publishing

Older shotguns have character, history, and yes, maybe a few flaws. Still, some of us not only make a regular habit of trading in an old gun or two this time of the year but also buying one.

The Gun Trader's Guide (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017) is one time-proven print resource for finding value in your guns and what to expect with a trade-in. It also allows you to gauge, pun intended, what you might pay. Another, is the publisher's Shooter's Bible, now in its 109th edition.

You'll not only find turkey hunting shotgun models in Realtree camo in its pages but also a range of others to suit all your needs and desires.

Personally, I love thumbing through the pages of both of these books, as each edition is loaded with memories of loaner turkey hunting shotguns I've used over the years, ones I've owned and some I might like to one day.

After all, winters are full of daydreaming and thinking of spring.

Will you trade in your old turkey hunting shotgun for a new model this year? What new shotgun would you own if you could? Please comment below.

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