Try Hunting Fall Turkeys This Season

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Try Hunting Fall Turkeys This Season

Posted 2018-08-14T11:59:00Z

Eight Good Reasons to Hunt Autumn Flocks Follows

Haven't tried this second season turkey hunting tradition? It's legal in 42 states around the country. Not yours? Road trip?

Here's why you should . . .

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1. Scouting Deer

It will help you scout for deer firearms season, which often arrives later than fall turkey dates.

2. Improve Skills

Spending more time with fall turkeys will help make you a better spring gobbler hunter. Get out enough and you might even be surprised to see some fall gobblers strut and yes, gobble. Maintaining pecking order is a year-round deal . . .

3. Youth Hunting

It's an excellent opportunity to introduce a young person to the turkey hunting tradition.

4. Double Duty

Early and even late-archery seasons often coincide with chances at both whitetails and wild turkeys from the same treestand.

5. Too Many Hens

In some highly populated areas, taking an adult broodless hen or young bird is practical game management.

6. Give Thanks

A wild turkey on your Thanksgiving Day table honors the hunt and extends memories.

7. Turkey Dogging

Turkey dogs are used to find and flush flocks before you attempt to call gregarious birds back to the break site. As a result, hunting dog enthusiasts, in states where it's legal, can add the wild turkey to their list of opportunities. Check your lawbook.

8. Use That Stuff

You've got turkey hunting apparel, gear, and a bunch of calls. Use that stuff in two seasons, not just one.

Got another reason to fall turkey hunt? Please comment below.

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