Video: Wild Turkey Hen Fakes Injury to Protect Her Young

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Video: Wild Turkey Hen Fakes Injury to Protect Her Young

Posted 2018-04-24T05:34:00Z

When You See This Happen, Leave the Area

Wild turkey encounters can happen suddenly during late spring and summer days. You might be walking in the woods, or even in a suburban area where human habituation may have taken place.

Each day their young will grow bigger and wiser to the natural world. After all, predators are trying to eat them.

Alarm putts, which you'll hear in this video, are but one signal indicating some form of danger has been seen by wild turkeys. Young brood birds know what it means, and may fly into nearby trees, landing on limbs, or simply freeze in place, or run off, age depending.

Wild turkey hens will often stand their ground, feigning injury to allow their charges to escape. Watch as this one does just that.

In such situations, it's often best to quietly leave the area to allow the brood hen to gather her young and move off.

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(Scottie Westfall/YouTube video)

Editor's note: This blog post was first published July 23, 2016.

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