Wild Turkey Crashes into Windshield; Stays There

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Wild Turkey Crashes into Windshield; Stays There

Posted 2015-06-09T06:18:00Z

Driver shaken but uninjured . . .

Just guessing, but the insurance-claim conversation was likely a little unusual.

"A wild turkey flew into my windshield. I'll need to replace it."

"A wild turkey did what?"

According to the WHAS 11 news story, a woman driving on 1-64 in Shelby County, Kentucky late last month had an encounter she didn't expect. A wild turkey crashed into her van's windshield, shattering the glass.

In the photo, posted by the Shelby County Sheriff's Department on Facebook, the bird appears to be lodged there . . .

The photo says it all, or does it? The linked post states the "turkey came through the windshield . . . and landed in her lap." Well you know how stories like this go.

Either way, quite an image.