Nick  Golias's Strut Report



Nick Golias's Strut Report

Posted 2014-04-10T10:46:00Z

Nick Golias's Strut Report

Strut Report Details
Strut Stage:Pre Strut
Temperature:51 to 60 degrees
Wind:10 - 15 mph
Cloud Conditions:Partly Cloudy
Food Sources:Hard mast
Gobbling Activity:Sporadic gobbling
Strutting Field Activity:Lone strutters here and there
Hen Gobbler Activity:Flocks are busting up; groups of 3 to 4 gobblers are together
Seen Any Poults Yet:Not yet

Things are starting to heat up, gobblers are very receptive to calling and are beginning to bust up it shouldn't be long now before things reach a tipping point. Hens are still for the most part ignoring the eager toms, this should change very soon. However, this odd weather has them confused. With temps beginning to even out vegetation is also showing signs of life.