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OJEFA Accepting Scholarship Applications Through January 31, 2024

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OJEFA Accepting Scholarship Applications Through January 31, 2024

Posted 2023-11-15  by  Stephanie Mallory

The Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award provides students with hands-on outdoor experiences

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Young people interested in learning more about outdoor communications can apply for the The Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation’s (OJEFA) Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award through January 31, 2024. This scholarship offers winners hands-on experience in various outdoor programs and events.

“We are here to help encourage and educate the next generation of outdoor storytellers and the Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award can open up a whole new world to young people who might consider a career in this arena,” said Lisa Snuggs, CEO of OJEFA.

Funding is widely available for projects that teach young people about wildlife and the environment or for programs that actually take kids fishing or hunting, but only a few opportunities exist for those who want to learn about communications in the outdoors industry.

Recipients of an OJEFA scholarship will be able to choose from a pre-approved list of events to attend, or they may ask for consideration of something aligned with their specific areas of interest. This could include anything from shadowing a content creator at the Bassmaster Classic to accompanying a wildlife biologist in the field or attending a video editing workshop.

The Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award was first awarded in 2011. More than one-half of the recipients are still actively associated with the outdoors as communicators, guides, champion shooters, land managers, and more. The most recent recipient, Lindsey Lucas, wrote in her application essay these telling words.

“My long-term goals include pursuing a career as an outdoor writer and using the stories of my outdoor adventures to inspire people of all ages to step outside their comfort zones and try new outdoor adventures. I especially hope to inspire young ladies.”

Lucas, 17, is already a featured columnist with CrappieNow and has appeared on several television shows, including “Outdoor Vigilantes,” “Living the Dream Outdoors TV,” and “MNP Outdoors.”

View all the past recipients HERE and click HERE for the scholarship information and application. Contact Lisa Snuggs for more information: mailto:[email protected]

OJEFA gives special thanks go to its partners who make the scholarships possible: Stu Tinney, South Carolina Wildlife, SCOPe, Eagle Anglers, Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, and the South Carolina Waterfowl Association.

OJEFA is dedicated to the education and support of outdoor communicators and their efforts to promote the wise and ethical use of our wildlife and natural resources, with an emphasis on developing and implementing programs to encourage such communications among young people.

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