Bow Review: The 2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant

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Bow Review: The 2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant

Posted 2017-08-07T17:27:00Z

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The 2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant (Hoyt photo)

Today's compound bow industry is a competitive market. There are numerous bow manufacturers making great bows. That's good and bad for the consumer. It's good because more competition leads to lower prices and plenty of good options. It's bad because it can be much more difficult to choose one when you're trying to sift through 30 different bow models.

That's why I recently reviewed the new Hoyt Pro Defiant. In short, it's a solid bow that shoots great. But we'll dive into the details momentarily. First, lets look at the specs and special features.

MSRP: $999


These are most of the baseline factors used to compare bows. These are the things that most people care about.

  • Draw Length: 24-26, 26-28 and 28-30 draw-length options
  • Speed: 331 FPS (ATA)
  • Brace Height: 7-inches
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Axle-to-Axle: 30.5 inches
  • Draw Weight: 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 55-65, 60-70 and 70-80 draw-weight ranges
Special Features/Technologies

Most of these these things won't mean anything to the average consumer. But if you're a bow nerd like some of us, you might find these technologies interesting. We won't bog you down with all of the technical talk, but if that's your thing, feel free to geek out and follow the links below. Dig into the tech that makes this bow tick.

This new string-optimizing design is a game changer (Hoyt photo)

  • Pro-Lock Pocket System
  • Perfect Balance Stabilization System
  • Silent Shelf Technology
  • Pro-Fit Custom Grips
  • Parallel Split-Limb Technology
  • Uniform Stress Distribution
  • Shock-Rod Technology
  • Fuse Custom Strings
  • Offset Riser Structure
  • Zero Torque Cable Guard System
  • Cam & ½ Performance System
  • Turbo Cam & ½
  • Tec Lite Series
  • Limb Shox
  • DFX Cam Technology
  • UltraFlex Limb System

Now that we're done with the technical talk, let's dig into the details of how this bow performed during the test. While this is a new flagship bow, it's important to know that it isn't all that much different from the 2016 Defiant model. There are some differences, though.

This isn't a speed bow. It's rated at 331 fps and it's noticeably slower than other models rated around 350 fps. Personally, I was getting a little over 300 fps (plenty fast) with a 400-grain arrow, 28 ½-inch draw and 65-pound draw weight. But that was expected. Most bows are traditionally a little slower out of the box than what they're advertised at.

While the Pro Defiant isn't a burner, it upholds the reputation that Hoyt is known for — quietness and accuracy. Equipped with a QAD Ultra Rest drop-away rest and Trophy Ridge React sight, this bow drove tacks regardless of the yardage.

Vibration is always a key talking point for compounds. This bow didn't have bad vibration. It felt pretty good with minimal shock. Also, the draw cycle on this bow is pretty smooth, too. It's not the smoothest I've ever felt, but it's pretty dang good. I couldn't really fault it.

The conservative cam design is mostly responsible for the superior accuracy this bow holds over its competitors. Needless to say, this bow has the potential, as Hoyt pro shooters continue to rack up the awards. It's plenty accurate.

The most exciting factor with this model is the new technology design that allows the string angle to optimize at full draw.

This new string-optimizing design is a game changer.

What's this mean? It means you no longer have to tilt your head forward to see your sights through the peep. Instead, your head stays up which keeps your neck on the same (straight) plane as your spine. This leads to better shooting form and mechanics.

All in all, this is a fantastic bow. It's worth your hard-earned cash. The new string angle, unparalleled quietness and utmost accuracy are three great reasons to choose this bow. As a deer hunter, a slightly slower speed and a minimal increase in vibration doesn't bother me. I'll take the ultra-quiet and super-accurate bow any day. And that's the main reason why I've chosen the Hoyt Pro Defiant to hunt with during the 2017-18 deer season.

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