The 3-Day Whitetail Rut Rule

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The 3-Day Whitetail Rut Rule

Posted 2016-10-31T20:02:00Z

Do You Follow This Guideline?

Follow this rut tip for more success. (Brad Herndon photo)

The rut is almost here folks. And the places where it isn't, it soon will be. Bucks are beginning to feel the frenzy that's building up within them. The testosterone is rising. The frustration is mounting. The stage is set. The characters are in position. The games are about to begin.

There are a lot of tactics that work during the rut. Many of which we've talked about right here on But there is one we haven't covered yet. It's called the 3-day rut rule.

I've noticed throughout my deer hunting career a certain trend. All season long, I try to determine what my top two or three stand locations will be during the rut. Interestingly, there have been very few seasons throughout the years where a shooter buck did not pass by within range of those stands at least once every two or three days. Thus, the 3-day rut rule.

To follow this rule while hunting the rut this year, pick two or three of your best rut stands. Then, choose the best one based on weather conditions, wind, etc. Sit that stand all day for three consecutive days in a row. Your odds of seeing one of the mature bucks running in that area will be pretty good.

For this to work, wait until the time is right. It needs to be during the chasing phase (between November 1 and November 12. Also, these need to be on days with ideal conditions. Cool temperatures, overcast days, optimal barometric pressure, etc. are good things to keep in mind. These things factor in to make better quality sits in the treestand.

Bucks are about to start running rampant. It's about to get real. Are you ready?

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