Why Every Bowhunter Should Visit an Archery Pro Shop

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Why Every Bowhunter Should Visit an Archery Pro Shop

Posted 2022-08-10T10:37:00Z  by  Team Realtree

With deer season just around the corner, it's time to get tuned up and shooting straight. Let the pros help you

You can buy a used rifle, shoot it a few times at the range, and then probably be confident enough to kill a buck with it on opening day. Archery equipment doesn't work like that. While there's nothing wrong with buying a used bow, minor imperfections in fit and tuning can put you behind the curve when it comes to shooting good groups and gaining confidence.

That's why it's always a good idea to visit an archery pro shop ahead of hunting season and have your equipment checked out by professionals. Realtree's David Blanton makes it a habit to visit Al Kraus at Black Hills Archery in Rapid City, South Dakota, every summer to have his setup tuned to perfection.

This time of year, Kraus and his team are working on a litany of daily tasks including cutting and fletching arrows, building strings and cables, paper-tuning, and checking cam timing with a Hooter Shooter. Though they can set you up with a new bow or sight, it's worth noting that a good shop can still service the classics, too. During Blanton's recent visit, Kraus was working on a 1998 Mathews MQ1 — one of the brand's original solo cam models — to have it ready in time for deer season.

A pro shop is the place to have your bow tuned properly, your draw length measured correctly, a peep sight tied in at the right height, or even limbs or cables replaced on an old bow. Plus, it's just a fun spot to hang out during the final countdown to the best time of year.

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