How to Store Your Gun Properly

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How to Store Your Gun Properly

Posted 2017-02-09T23:38:00Z

Tips from Realtree Guns and Camo Blogger Adam Millard

Big-game seasons are ending all over the country. Before your gun makes its long slumber in your safe, make sure it's properly cleaned and stored.

There are a few things I do when I put my guns away to make sure that they'll be in tip-top shape for the next season.

Tips for storing your gun. (c) Bill Konway photo

Remove Gun Safe Moisture

Moisture ruins guns. Plain and simple.

The are multiple dehumidifiers on the market that do a good job of keeping your safe a dry environment for your guns.

My favorite dehumidifiers are the little, wireless rechargeable units. These little units house desiccant beads that pull moisture from the air.

When the desiccant beads become saturated they turn pink.

Simply pull out the unit and plug it in. There's a heating element built in the unit that heats the beads so they release their contained moisture.

Once the beads turn blue you're good to go. Place the unit back in your safe and it will start working its magic.

Depending on how much moisture is in the safe will dictate how long the unit will work before needing recharging. I usually set a reminder to recharge every two months.

Dehumidifiers keep your safe dry. (c) Bill Konway photo

Use Good Oil

A lot can happen in your safe, so using a good oil will help you out in the long run.

I like using high-quality CLPs (clean, lubricate, protect). While some people might disagree with using an all-in-one type cleaner, I have had nothing but fantastic results.

If you're still on the fence about using a CLP, you could always fall back on the ol' standby: Rem Oil. Rem Oil is a fantastic metal protectant for long-term storage of your firearm.

I'd definitely avoid using WD-40. WD-40 oxidizes very quickly and starts to turn yellow. It's great for displacing water from a wet duck gun, but use a good, protecting oil for long-term storage.

Avoid Skin-to-Metal Contact

That's right, don't grab your gun by the barrel and place it in your safe.

Your body oils are very harmful to metal. I've personally witnessed guns that have rusty fingerprints in the metal from people grabbing them by the barrel, then storing for a period of time.

It's quite easy to avoid. I keep a pair of gloves on top of my safe that have a light coat of oil on them just for that purpose.

Check Guns Regularly

When my reminder goes off on my phone to recharge my dehumidifier, I take the opportunity to pull each gun out of the safe to inspect them.

If I missed something in my cleaning regimen, it's better to catch it after a two-month period instead of the gun staying in the safe for almost a year.

I do this, again, because I want my guns to be in tip-top shape when I need them.

I don't baby my guns, but I don't want them rusting away when they aren't in use. My guns are investments that will last a lifetime with proper care.

Follow these steps and your guns will stay cozy during their hibernation.

But don't go putting all your guns away just yet. There are coyotes that need thinning out.

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