Review: The Glock 40

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Review: The Glock 40

Posted 2015-08-29T13:19:00Z


The Glock 40

It's the gun I couldn't wait to get my hands on. The Glock Model 40 made its big debut at the 2015 Shot Show, and it has finally came into my possession…sort of. The gun range I work at received one for demo. It was in the building less than 30 seconds before I toted her out to the range with a wide variety of ammunition.

So what's so special about this Glock? The Glock 40 is a long slide variant of the popular Glock 20 10mm. The model 40 has a 6-inch barrel that squeezes out some extra velocity and energy from the 10mm cartridge. But the real beauty of this gun is in the slide. It comes standard with Glock's Modular Optic System (MOS). The MOS makes it incredibly easy to mount a wide variety of micro red dot sights. Forget paying to have your slide milled and tapped. The MOS comes with different mounting plates for all the popular miniature reflex sights. By incorporating the MOS system, reflex sights mount to the gun cleaner and stealthier.

I used to be that guy who felt red dot sights on a handgun were obsolete. I'm pretty accurate with standard sights. I thought the mounted optics added unwanted bulk to the gun. To me, it didn't serve a purpose. Then I tried one. I shot with accuracy at distances that normally require the use of a shouldered firearm.

I know what you're wondering. How did it shoot? It shot like a Glock. It fed, fired, and ejected everything I put in it. Not only did it eat everything I fed it, but the accuracy was astounding.

This handgun shoots pretty tight groups. (Adam Millard photo)There's no secret that I love the 10mm cartridge. I've written about it before, and this most certainly won't be the last. It's also no secret that I love Glocks, either. Glocks won't win any awards in the looks category. As for simplicity and reliability, they get my vote. I shot (freehanded) the first 10-round group from 10 yards. A steady course of fire sent all shots through one big hole. Once I saw the gun's performance, I backed out to 25 yards. I kept another 10 shots inside the 3-inch bullseye without rest. Furthermore, it had good accuracy at typical deer-hunting firearm distances.

The only downfall to this gun is its size. It's big. This isn't likely to be a handgun you'll carry concealed. This is a gun you'll fill the freezer with.

I have a feeling my slug gun will collect some dust this coming gun season.