Podcast: The Impact of Spinning-Wing Decoys Part 2: Brian Lovett

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Podcast: The Impact of Spinning-Wing Decoys Part 2: Brian Lovett

Posted 2021-09-08T13:19:00Z

Realtree's waterfowl editor tells the story of the first time he ever saw a spinner in the marsh

The impact of spinning wing decoys, Part 2 on the Realtree Outpost Podcast. Image by Jeff Huth / Shutterstock

Last week, we kicked off our five-part Outpost podcast series on spinning-wing duck decoys by interviewing Terry Denmon, president of Mojo Outdoors and one of the key figures behind the first commercially successful spinning-wing duck decoy.

Few hunting products have been more successful, influential — and controversial — than the spinner. This week, we're sitting down with Realtree's Brian Lovett, long-time author of The Duck Blog, for his take on the topic. You'll hear Brian's tales of his early days in the field with the decoy, when he says it was nothing short of a magic bullet, as well as his opinions on the spinner's place in today's decoy spreads.

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Like many, Lovett doesn't think spinners work as well as they once did, but he's still in tune with the controversy. This is a guy who's traveled the country chasing ducks, and has hunted everything from the Prairie Potholes to big-water divers from a layout boat to Arkansas green timber. His opinion carries weight, and it's a great discussion.