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New Movie to Show Untold True Story of Phil and Kay Robertson

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

New Movie to Show Untold True Story of Phil and Kay Robertson

Posted 2023/09/26  by  Stephanie Mallory

The film, called "The Blind," will be released in theaters nationwide on September 28

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Fans of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander are in for a treat with the release of a new movie that tells the incredible true story of the Robertson family before the fortune and fame. “The Blind,” scheduled to release in theaters nationwide on Sept. 28, 2023, is billed as a thought-provoking and inspiring film that transports you into a world of hope, redemption, and the triumph of the human spirit.

The film is the true story of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson and how his marriage and life were almost destroyed by unfaithfulness and alcoholism. The film is set in Louisiana in the 1960s, long before Robertson became a reality TV star. It tells of how he fell in love with Miss Kay and started a family, but his addiction and complicated past threatened to tear their lives apart. “The Blind” shares never-before-revealed moments in Phil’s life as he sought to conquer the shame of his past and find redemption in an unlikely place.

In a recent Instagram post about the movie, Phil wrote, “It’s embarrassing to think back to who I was for the first 10 years of my life with Miss Kay. She’s the best friend a man could have aside from Jesus, and I love her. We never imagined they’d make a movie about our lives, but now we’re about to see “The Blind” on the big screen. Our prayer is that people will see it and know there’s hope. It’s never too late to be saved.”

Phil is the creator of the multimillion-dollar Duck Commander company, which produces duck calls and other gear for duck hunters. He and his family rose to fame through the reality show Duck Dynasty that aired on A&E from 2012 to 2017 and portrayed the lives of Phil and Kay, their sons Willie, Jase and Jep, and Phil’s brother, Si, among others as they ran the business.

In a recent press release, “The Blind” Director Andrew Hyatt said this is a side of the story never before seen on the screen.

“A rich story of redemption, forgiveness, and finding strength through faith that I am positive will resonate with audiences around the world, especially those struggling with their own inner demons and seeking a light in the darkness,” Hyatt said.

Zach Dasher, one of the film’s producers and a nephew of Phil Robertson, said this film is the Robertson family origin story — the true story of how Phil and Kay Robertson nearly lost it all.

“It’s an incredible story of love and restoration that changed our family forever,” Hyatt said.

Phil and Kay’s son, Willie Robertson, who is an executive producer of The Blind said in the release, “Without what happens in “The Blind,” there would be no dynasty. This is the story you haven’t heard. We made this movie so people would know that if you’ve got troubles, there’s a way out.”

The movie cast includes Aron von Andrian (Dodger), Amelia Eve (The Haunting of Bly Manor), Robillard (The Lake), Matthew Erick White (Station 19), and directed by Andrew Hyatt (Paul, Apostle of Christ; Full of Grace).

The movie is being distributed and produced by Tread Lively, GND Media Group, and Fathom Events.

Watch the trailer and purchase tickets for “The Blind” here.

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