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Watch Man Catch 16-Pound Bass By Hand

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Watch Man Catch 16-Pound Bass By Hand

Posted 2024-02-23  by  Stephanie Mallory

Robert Woodward has been catching fish from his pond using only his hands for years

An Alabama man is showing the world that you don’t necessarily need a rod and reel to catch monster bass.

According to Wide Open Spaces, video footage shared to TikTok of Robert Earl Woodward catching a 16-pound bass using a small baitfish and just his hands is going viral.

In the footage, you see Woodward drag a small baitfish across the top of the water. Beneath the surface, you see several bass take interest before a massive bass takes the bait and Woodward drags it to the surface by the mouth. He manages to wrangle the bass onto the pier where he weighs the monster fish, which tips the scales at 16.7 pounds.

Woodward is not new to bass fishing by hand. According to a 2019 Men's Journal article, he fishes his stocked private lake by hand every day.

He began sharing videos on his Facebook page around five years ago to promote his book, The Way It Was Back Then, a collection of short stories.

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