Check Out This Life-Sized Deer Wedding Cake

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Check Out This Life-Sized Deer Wedding Cake

Posted 2019-10-21T23:21:00Z

The bride and groom requested a cake to go with the antlers

The Pennsylvania couple had the plastic antlers, they just needed the wedding cake to match, and the Shady Maple Farm Market delivered with a realistic, life-sized deer cake that has everyone talking.

Cake decorating supervisor, Pam McNeal, is being recognized for her amazing work on the cake, which went viral after a Facebook post earlier this month.

John Gehr, a marketing and sales manager for Shady Maple, told TODAY that the bride and groom (who wish not to be named) came in with a pair of plastic antlers and simply asked the baking team for a cake to match.

McNeal used Styrofoam to make the deer's neck and head, and the rest of the body was a marble cake made with vanilla and chocolate batter, swirled together to create a unique interior design. The remarkable cake took 10 hours to make and was large enough to feed 250 wedding guests.

Gehr told TODAY that since the store posted the cake online, they've seen a big increase in orders and are excited to create more custom designs in the future.

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