Puppy Carried Away by Owl Found by Golfers

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Puppy Carried Away by Owl Found by Golfers

Posted 2019-04-08T23:03:00Z

Puppy Carried Away by Owl Found by Golfers

A puppy is recovering after it was snatched by an owl out of an Arizona backyard.

ABC 15 reports that Latte, one of four three-month-old puppies Foothills Animal Rescue had placed with a foster parent, went out early the morning of March 29 for a supervised potty break. All of the pups went around the corner of the house, but only three came back.

When the foster family couldn't find the puppy, they posted a request for help online and went out looking for it.

Golfers at a local golf course found the puppy dehydrated and weak near the 16th hole 12 hours later.

Latte suffered no broken bones, but the rescue says puncture wounds from the owl's talons are visible in its skull.

This isn't the first time I've written about a dog being carried off and dropped by a large bird of prey. Check this blog out about a dog that was found four miles from home after being snatched by an eagle.

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