Watch Snowmobiler Barely Escape Moose Attack

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Watch Snowmobiler Barely Escape Moose Attack

Posted 2023-03-10T10:00:00Z

The large animal damaged the snowmobile when it landed on it

A family of snowmobilers had a scary encounter with an aggressive moose as they rode down a trail in Palisades, Idaho.

According to, when Jeremiah Bigelow and his family suddenly encountered a moose, they wanted to give it more space, but Bigelow's son, who was on a snowmobile behind him, was unable to reverse.

The moose was trapped. We were trapped, Bigelow said.

Bigelow said they tried not to provoke the moose, but it gave a false charge anyway.

She drops her head and just charges right at us. And I said, 'Oh, shoot,' Bigelow said.

The moose then focused on Bigelow's brother, who had gotten separated when the large animal walked out onto the trail between him and the others in the group.

He saw it charge us, so he was over there trying to distract it and get it away because he could go straight and get out of there, Bigelow said.

When Bigelow's brother tried to distract the animal by standing on his snowmobile and waving his arms, it charged him.

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He sits down and hits the gas, and the snow machine died. He looks back over his shoulder, just for a second, realizes it's right there and jumps off. And as he jumps off, it hits the snow machine right on, Bigelow said.

In the video taken by Bigelow, you see his brother jump off the snowmobile right before the moose falls on top of the snowmobile and then onto the ground.

Bigelow's brother then scrambled back to his snowmobile.

He just stands up, and you can see in the video for a second, they have this little old-fashioned western standoff where they're staring at each other, Bigelow said.

Fortunately, the moose then turned and walked off.

It could have killed him. I mean, the amount of weight that came down on those handlebars, it pushed the handlebars all the way forward. So, it would have been pretty catastrophic, Bigelow said.

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