Watch Whitetail Buck Run Off Two Bull Elk

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Watch Whitetail Buck Run Off Two Bull Elk

Posted 2022-12-14T14:23:00Z

The deer was looking for a fight, but the elk weren't interested

During the rut, bucks are fueled by a surge of testosterone, which causes them to spar and fight with each other for dominance and the right to breed does. Sometimes those love-crazed bucks let out their aggression on other creatures and objects. In this video footage shared on YouTube by Samson's Mountain, a high-fence hunting preserve in Johnson County, Illinois, you see an aggressive buck confront and run off two large bull elk.

The buck obviously wants to fight with the elk, which seem to have no interest in engaging with the deer. In the beginning of the video, the whitetail charges head down at one of the elk and strikes it with its antlers. The elk jumps up and runs off. The deer pursues as the elk does its best to avoid a fight. The buck then turns its attention to another elk, which at first lowers its antlers as if it were going to accept the challenge, but then buck switches its focus back to the other elk. The deer ends up chasing both elk out of the area.

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Fortunately for the buck, elk go into rut earlier in the year. Had he challenged rutting elk, the outcome would have likely been much different.

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