5 Tips for Sharing a Turkey Hunting Blind

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5 Tips for Sharing a Turkey Hunting Blind

Posted 2018-04-03T09:10:00Z

How to Make a "Long Sit" More Enjoyable

Even the most hardcore run-and-gun wild turkey hunter might spend some quality time in a pop-up blind. Weather factors often make it necessary. Wind. Rain. Sleet. Snow. Sub-freezing spring temperatures.

One season in Nebraska it was so cold - 17 degrees if I remember, with a gusty wind - the gobbler I eventually killed (from a blind, after calling in three to a decoy) had ice-encrusted wings. Now that's cold.

As my buddy Van Holmes joked: "When you hear the safety click off in your ear hole you know something's about to happen." He couldn't see the birds from his side. Honest. I offered the shot to him, sliding my gun barrel out the open window vent. No hesitation.

Our bird in the end and a great memory. Five tips for sharing a turkey hunting blind follow.

Let somebody else take the shot. (John Hafner photo)

Offer the Shot

If you've got a first-time turkey hunter with you, offer them the first shot. Chances are you've killed plenty of birds; and you'll tag plenty more. Relax. Pass it on. Enjoy the moment.

Carry Your Weight

Always help haul your share of the gear in and out. There's nothing worse than that casual dude who watches you lug the portable blind, decoys and fold-up chairs. Don't be that guy.

Stake Out Territory

Stake out territory in the blind - my side; your side. You laugh. It matters. Think about your shooting lane and your hunting buddy's. Are you both right-handed? Is one left-handed?

Dress the Part

Don't wear all of your apparel as you walk in. Carry some in a backpack, then slip on a jacket once you settle in the blind. Sweaty base layers can chill you fast.

Small Talk, Not Big

Keep the conversation light and fun. Don't rant, vent. Politics, job worries, family concerns and such likely don't have a place here. Sure these things matter, but remember, you're also spending some blind time trying to get away from life's challenges. Enjoy it.

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