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Bear Hangs From Top Window of Colorado Home After Breaking In

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Bear Hangs From Top Window of Colorado Home After Breaking In

Posted 2023-06-30

The bear returned back inside and exited through the bottom window it originally used to enter the home

A neighbor caught footage of a cinnamon-colored bear hanging from an upper-level window as it tried to escape from a home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The neighbor who shot the footage told Steamboat Radio that the bear entered the home through a partially opened window on the lower floor.

While inside, the bear grabbed some food from the kitchen and went upstairs, where it tried to exit from the top-floor window.

Since no one living in the home was there, neighbors called the police. Neighbor Heidi Hannah filmed the bear hanging from the window sill as it tried to decide whether or not to make the jump. It instead decided to go back inside and exit through same lower-level window that it used to enter the home.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Wildlife Manager Kris Middledorf says this bear has been involved in at least three home break-ins and has attempted to enter one home multiple times. It has also been in multiple garages. A trap has been set for the bear at least three times, and Middledorf says if the bear is captured, it will be euthanized.

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