The 10 Toughest Game Animals in North America

The 10 Toughest Game Animals in North America

Posted 2022-07-19  by  Will Brantley

It’s the big bears, right? Or maybe elk? Some will swear it’s a sea duck. Check our picks for this timeless campfire debate

Is there really such a thing as a “tough” game animal? After all, a bullet or arrow through the vitals will do the job on anything, from squirrels to elephants, right?

That’s true. But equally true is that some critters, due to the size of their vitals, thickness of hide, and bone structure, are just physically more difficult to bring down. And others, due to the terrain in which they’re found and maybe things we can’t quantify — like attitude — are certainly tougher.

One thing’s for sure: Hunters have always revered and celebrated tough game animals. An animal with strong tenacity for life is worthy of extra respect, and a good reminder of the responsibilities we accept when we settle our sights and squeeze a trigger. I’ve hunted almost every animal on this list, and for the couple that I haven’t, I asked for expert input. Some of these critters weigh just a few ounces, while others are a half ton or more. Some have teeth, while others have feathers. But pound for pound, these 10 game animals get my vote as the toughest ones in North America. We’ll start with the smallest, and work our way up.

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