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Super 6-Point Bucks You Must See to Believe

Brow Tines and Backstrap

Super 6-Point Bucks You Must See to Believe

Posted 2024-05-14  by  Josh Honeycutt

These 3-by-3 whitetail bucks are beauties, and they come with unique stories and characteristics

Folks say big 6-point whitetail bucks are as rare as Boone and Crockett deer. I don’t have data to back up that claim, but I believe the anecdote. I’ve seen one massive 6-pointer in my lifetime. I’ve seen several bucks that would make Boone.

Regardless, a big 6-pointer is a rare trophy. They’re far and few between. That makes it even easier to appreciate these massive 6-point whitetails. Here are five monster 3-by-3 bucks you’ve likely never seen, plus interesting Pope and Young data on the biggest 6s of all time.

Image: Big_Six_1

Monster main-frame 6-pointers don’t come any more unique than this Oklahoma buck. Image by Antlers by Klaus

The Julian 6-Pointer

This buck was tagged by Brad Julian Jr. He watched it walk out during the second weekend of the 2016 Oklahoma firearms season, and that was that. It’s a main-frame 6-point buck, but it sports 37 total points. With such a tall, tight, and trashy rack, few bucks are as unique as this one.

Image: Big_Six_2

The brow tines on this beast are incredible, and its spread is impressive. Image by Antlers by Klaus

The Scheffler 6-Pointer

Quite the contrast to the first buck, the Scheffler 6-pointer is a mega-wide deer. It was found dead in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, in 1989. Its mains beams are longer than they look, stretching the tape to 28 and 29-2/8 inches. The buck scores 157-7/8 inches as a big typical 6. However, it has a small seventh point, which affects its net score and disqualifies it as a true 6-pointer per scoring system standards.

Image: Big_Six_3

This big, clean 6-pointer is as awesome as almost any typical 3-by-3. Image by Antlers by Klaus

The Eichstaedt World Record 6-Point

For clean 6-pointers, none come slicker than Burt Eichstaedt’s world-record 6-point buck. In 2006, he arrowed this big Wisconsin deer after a thunderstorm rolled through. Before he recovered the deer, Eichstaedt thought it was an 8-pointer, but he was surprised to find two fewer points. With 28-4/8- and 29-inch beams, a 21-6/8-inch inside spread, and a net score of 155-4/8 inches, it’s the biggest true typical 6 in the world. Most impressive? Those huge, curly brow tines.

Image: Big_Six_4

The Corkscrew 6-Pointer got its name from one of its extra points. Image by Antlers by Klaus

The Corkscrew 6-Point

Although it has a couple of extra scoreable points, the Corkscrew 6-pointer sports a massive 3-by-3 frame. Tack on that extra point on the beam and that drop-tine, and it’s an all-around dandy buck. Although not much is known about the deer, it sports a lot of character. In fact, minus the extra points, it looks a lot like the Eichstaedt buck. Although it’s a longshot, maybe it lived in the same area.

Image: Big_Six_5

This unique 6-pointer grew an upside-down rack. Image by Antlers by Klaus

The Droopy 6-Point

Perhaps the most unique 6-pointer on this list, the Droopy 6-pointer grew an upside-down rack. Brow tines go up, but everything else heads south. The hunter and harvest info are lost to time, but we can still appreciate this impressive Wisconsin deer’s unique rack. Whitetail antlers are fingerprint-esque, and this big 6 might be the poster buck to prove it.

The List

Buck profiles aside, according to Pope and Young records, there are 62 6-point bucks that are hard-horned or in velvet in the record books that make the minimum entry of 125 inches or more. Of those, the top 10 are:

  • 155-4/8, taken in Wisconsin in 2006 (Burt Eichstaedt)

  • 154-1/8, taken in Indiana in 2017

  • 145-7/8, taken in Indiana in 1992

  • 145-2/8, taken in Wisconsin in 2000

  • 143-2/8, taken in Illinois in 1997

  • 141-7/8, taken in Kentucky in 1998

  • 141-2/8, taken in Illinois in 2006

  • 140-0/8, taken in Maryland in 2003

  • 140-0/8, taken in Ohio in 1987

  • 139-7/8, taken in Virginia in 2001

These 6-pointers deserve big-time props. Every whitetail is special, but these deer take intrigue to another level. They’re super 6-point bucks I have to see to believe.


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