How to Plant a Micro Kill Plot for Deer

How to Plant a Micro Kill Plot for Deer

Posted 2018-07-20T13:17:00Z

The Ticket to Pulling a Deer from Its Deep-Woods Bedding Area

Deer are intelligent. But not in the way we often think they are. They aren't cognitively able to reason through something. They don't see a broadhead or arrow lying on the ground and think, Oh, a hunter's been here. Instead, they're purely reactive flight animals. They see, hear or smell danger and they react to it. But they're extremely adapted to sense, detect and react to these dangers.

As hunters, we do things in an effort to stack the odds in our favor. While there is no secret weapon for killing deer, we can do a lot of little things to build up to a similar effect. One of those little things? Planting strategic kill plots.

Photo credit: Josh Honeycutt