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Get Into the Game With Realtree Camo Volair Pickleball Paddles

Get Into the Game With Realtree Camo Volair Pickleball Paddles

Posted 2024-05-28

The paddles come in a variety of Realtree camo options

Image: Fishermen_01

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a fun activity when they’re not in the fields or forests can take on the sport of pickleball using the Realtree camo pickleball paddles by Volair.

With a mission to create the best pickleball paddles on the market, Volair designs paddles that are made to withstand hours of obsession, the intense pro matches and the casual pickup games. Volair’s paddles are made by designers who blend cutting-edge sports science with insider knowledge to build paddles that bring out the best game. Each little detail is fine-tuned to ensure every paddle is top-notch.

Image: Hunter_01

The new Realtree Pro 16mm Pickleball Paddle comes in Realtree Original, Xtreme and Advantage Classic camo patterns for that outdoorsy edge.

Each paddle boasts a number of performance-enhancing features, such as an edge guard to protect the paddle from those “scrappy gets.” The fiberglass face ensures durability and crazy amounts of spin. An elongated 5.5-inch handle allows for those two-handlers that send the ball straight into your opponent’s soul. The 16mm design allows for a softer, more controlled feel.

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16mm Paddle Specs:

* Average Weight: 8.1 oz

* Paddle Length: 16.35 in

* Paddle Width: 7.5 in

* Thickness: 16 mm

* Handle Length: 5.5 in

* Grip Circumference: 4.3 in

* Swing Weight: 120

* Twist Weight: 6.09

* Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

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