7 Guns for Hog Hunting

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7 Guns for Hog Hunting

Posted 2016-07-15T09:20:00Z

Try These Firearm Options on Your Next Hog Hunt

M&P15 .300 Whisper (Adam Millard photo)

Their numbers are out of control. They produce multiple litters a year and do more than a billion dollars of crop damage annually. Feral hogs are a big problem.

And what's worse? Their numbers are increasing and are spreading across the country. If there's one thing that hog hunters can agree on: hogs are tough. I'm a firm believer in shot placement over power, but when it comes to hogs it's usually better to err on the side of caution and bring enough gun to the fight. There's a good reason why feral pigs are called the poor man's grizzly: they don't go down without a fight and have been known to be quite dangerous.

The guns in this list are proven boar stoppers that won't let you down when the bacon gets ornery.

Smith & Wesson M&P15 .300 Whisper

The M&P15 is once again an AR15 platform gun, but what makes this gun special is what it's chambered in. The .300 Whisper and .300 AAC blackout is quickly gaining popularity as a serious hunting round. With ballistics that are comparable with the 7.62x39, it has the upper hand over the .223/5.56 due to available heavier bullet weights.

Hogs are thick-skinned and have heavy cartilage armor shields that protect their shoulders: heavier bullets perform better at penetrating these barriers to get to the vitals. This gun and cartridge really shines when using a suppressor. Nighttime hunting operations are getting serious when it comes to dealing with hog removal contracts.

Everything from thermal imaging scopes to silencers are often deployed to give the hunters better success when the hogs come out of their thick bedding areas to feed on agricultural fields. By using a suppressed gun, they don't disturb their hunting areas as much, resulting in less-educated hogs. What's even better? The gun is draped in Realtree Camo.

Model 1895G "Guide Gun

There's just something special about hunting with a smooth-operating lever action. The classic look and the reliable function makes the Guide Gun a great choice when the situation gets tight. The Guide Gun is chambered in the popular dangerous game stopper: The .45-70. All that power is packaged into a compact, lightweight, deep brush, bacon getter.

.450 Bushmaster

450 Bushmaster (Adam Millard photo)AR15 platforms are all the rage right now. Trust me when I say that plenty of hogs have been killed with the standard 5.56/.223. But when you're dealing with really big boars the .450 Bushmaster is a better bet. The .450 Bushmaster was developed so that people could hunt big game with a modern sporting rifle. The cartridge produces some outstanding energy but is still very easy to shoot. The action of the AR platform does a great job of taming the beast.

Smith & Wesson M&P10

The M&P10 is the bigger, meaner brother to the AR15. The .308 cartridge doesn't need any introduction. Its long-range capabilities make it a great choice if you have big fields or wide-open spaces to hunt on.

The reason for the semi-automatic rifle is because they are the easiest platform to hit and kill as many hogs as possible in a short amount of time. Large magazine capacity and light recoil makes follow-up shots easy. When you come across a large group of pigs that are causing property damage, you're going to want a tool with enough power and round count to get rid of the pests. That's where the AR platform shines.

Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm

What kind of handgun hunter would I be if I didn't put one in the list? Dan Wesson is a very popular, high-end 1911 manufacturer. One of the reasons why they are one of my favorites is because they chamber some of their models in my beloved 10mm cartridge. The 10mm has been kept alive by a few select makers. If it wasn't for them I believe the round would have died a slow, painful death. But thankfully the round is alive and well and quickly gaining popularity as a serious hunting cartridge.

Take one look at the Silverback and 1911 aficionados will instantly fall in love with its clean lines and tight action. Every Dan Wesson firearm that I've shot has been a work of art and an absolute tack driver. When hunting in thick, hard to reach places, I'll take a handgun over any other form of firearm. Just ask Uncle Ted or Razor Dobbs.

Benjamin Bulldog .357

I'm usually good for one curveball for every list that I compile. And the Benjamin Bulldog is just that. This PCP air rifle has the killing capabilities to put large game on the ground. Like I said, these animals are tough, so shot placement is very crucial.

Ruger 77/44 (Adam Millard photo)The Bulldog can produce up to 10 usable shots on a single 3,000 psi charge. It utilizes a five-shot rotary mag and side-cocking lever for follow up shots. Chasing big game with an air rifle isn't for the faint of heart, so you better study hog anatomy and practice every chance you get.

Ruger 77/44

I saved my favorite for last. The 77/44 is Ruger's bolt-action .44 mag. This little rifle is big on performance packed into a small package. Weighing in at just 5.2 lbs., with an overall length of 38.5 inches, this thing is compact. A fantastic little gun. The 77/44 uses a flush four-shot detachable magazine. The .44 rem mag is a excellent hog round that has proven itself time and time again.