Woman and Child Climb Into Alligator Pit to Retrieve Wallet

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Woman and Child Climb Into Alligator Pit to Retrieve Wallet

Posted 2020-07-31T08:00:00Z

Children shout warnings while another visitor videos the crazy stunt

It's a bad idea to climb into an alligator pit to retrieve a lost wallet. It's an even worse idea to let a young child tag along, but that's exactly what happened recently at a wildlife park in Minnesota — and it was all caught on camera.

According to Inside Edition, a woman was filming alligators at the Safari North Wildlife Park when somehow her wallet ended up in the alligator enclosure. Video footage taken by another visitor shows the woman and her son entering the enclosure.

You can see the woman trying to distract dozens of aggressive alligators with sticks and rocks in an effort to retrieve her wallet, while her son runs around the pit looking for a way to exit.

The only people in this footage that seem to have any sense are the children you can hear yelling warnings to the woman and boy. Don't do that. You'll get eaten, one child says.

The woman finally manages to retrieve her wallet, and she and her son exit the pit.

While none of the alligators seem to be especially large, they are still big enough to inflict serious bite wounds.

The zoo employees say they were not present when this incident occurred and that there are signs warning people to stay out of the enclosure. They say they wish to press charges against the woman for child endangerment if they are able to identify her.

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