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Timber 2 Table - Shore Lunch Tex Mex Fish Tacos

There’s no better tasting fish than one that just came out of the water. Pack along a few tools and ingredients to make this easy shore lunch anywhere.

Shore Lunch Tex Mex Fish Tacos

15 Min

Prep Time

15 Min

Cook Time



Easy, Medium


The fresher the better when it comes to fish. When I’m hankering for some fish, there’s no better time than as soon as I come off the water (or even while I’m still fishing if I’m really hungry).

Image: baja_tacos_7

These tacos are a great way to serve up fresh fish on the beach or shoreline.

One of my favorite cooking tools is the Firedisc brand cooker. It’s a modern version of the traditional Southwestern discada that is easy to use, packable, and versatile. Use it to fry, sear, stir-fry, you name it. Whenever space allows, I toss mine in the truck, along with a 5-pound propane tank (about half the size of a traditional grill tank), and I’m ready to cook wherever I go.

Image: baja_taco_8

The Firedisc is a versatile cooker that is easy to break down and pack along.

For this recipe, we packed along some fresh tortillas, a few peppers, and an onion to cook up some tasty fish tacos after a morning on the beach.

Image: baja_tacos_3

Pack along a few fresh ingredients when you head for the water.

This recipe works with whatever fresh or salt water flaky white fish you catch. The guests of honor on this morning turned out to be a juvenile black drum and a few nice whiting. Use whatever you legally catch that day.

Image: baja_tacos_1

This recipe is perfect for any white, flaky fish.

Start by filleting the fish. Slice the onion and seed and slice the bell peppers.

Image: baja_tacos_2

Fillet your catch for the recipe.

Heat ½ inch of vegetable oil in the center of the Firedisc, starting with a medium flame. Add your favorite taco or fajita seasoning blend to 2 cups of fish breading. Use whatever brand of breading you prefer. I like Andy’s. Toss the fish in the seasoned meal. Fry the fish for 2-3 minutes per side until golden crispy brown and just cooked through.

Image: baja_tacos_4

Mix your own fish breading or use your favorite brand of preseasoned breading.

The great thing about the Firedisc is that the sloped bottom allows you to heat oil in the center for frying, then slide the fried fish up away from the direct heat to keep it hot while you cook the onions and peppers.

Image: baja_tacos_5

Use the sloped edges of the Firedisc to hold the fish and keep it warm while you cook the peppers and onions.

Move the fish to the outer edge of the cooker, then add the sliced peppers and onions to the oil. Season well with additional taco or fajita seasoning. While the peppers and onions cook, add tortillas to the outer edge of the cooker to heat through.

Image: baja_tacos_6

The Firedisc cooker is easy to pack and a versatile way to cook just about anything on a camping trip.

Serve the tacos straight off the cooker by filling a tortilla with fish and topping with cooked peppers and onions. If you have space in the cooler, bring along your favorite Baja-style taco sauce for topping.


1-2 pounds fresh fish fillets

2 bell peppers, seeded and sliced

1 white onion, sliced

1 cup vegetable or peanut oil

2 cups fish breading or cornmeal

Taco or fajita seasoning to taste

Fresh corn or flour tortillas

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