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Give Thanks

Posted 2018-11-13T06:07:00Z

What You Say After Killing Wild Game Matters

Almost always after killing a wild turkey, I whisper: "Thanks."

Sometimes I'm alone; sometimes I'm with a buddy. I'm moved. I'm grateful. My hands are almost always shaking, even after all these years. It never gets old. I'm forever amazed I got to do it one more time. And I'm thankful.

What you say after killing wild game matters because . . .

Don't forget to give thanks. (John Hafner/Realtree photo)

A young hunter or someone new to the hunting tradition is watching your actions, trying to fit in and figure out the deal. They regard you as a mentor whether you know that or not. Be an example.

A landowner gave you permission to hunt their land. Somebody told you where you'd find action.

Your state's wildlife management department, along with pro-hunting conservation groups such as the National Wild Turkey Federation, have worked long and hard to give you such an opportunity.

Family. Friends. All played a part in this.

Yep, it's easy to be cynical these days. It's even easier to think you earned it on your own. But you didn't. You had help.

Hunting - for wild turkeys, deer, ducks and whatever else - is almost always a "we" deal.

Kill what you were hunting? Tag or limit out? Congratulations.

Now take a second. Look up at the big blue sky, the red and yellow woods and green fields around you. Stop. Look. Listen. Whisper a few words.

Smile at your best buddy next to you. Smile to yourself.

Look down at the greatest gamebird on the planet - and give thanks.

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Editor's note: This Realtree turkey blog post was first published November 17, 2015.

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