Turkey Hunting in Hawaii



(Population Unknown)

Wild Turkey Population

Rio Grande

Turkey Subspecies


Number of Licenses Sold Annually

$5 per turkey tag

Cost of Resident License and Permit

$20 per turkey tag

Cost of Non-Resident License and Permit

Yes, Hawaii has turkey hunting. In fact, you can take three bearded turkeys, tags providing.

As wildlife management history goes, roughly 400 Texas Rio Grande turkeys were originally trapped and transferred to the Hawaiian islands in the early 1960s. The birds did the rest of the work populating the region.

Why go that far for turkeys when you can get them on the United States mainland? It’s just a little bit different in Hawaii.

If chasing gobblers at elevations of 6,000 to 10,000 feet in the morning and hanging out on white sandy beaches in the afternoon is your idea of a good March, Hawaii is for you. Locations where turkeys live are high and dry.

Fact is, Hawaii often comes up in conversations among turkey hunters. “Have you done Hawaii yet?” It’s often couched in the notion your significant other might enjoy the trip, too.

It’s not for everybody, though.

Some hardcore turkey hunters don’t really care for sunning and sipping cool drinks with umbrellas in them. But don't let the traditional view of Hawaii deter you. 

The Big Island of Hawaii has an ample supply of longbeards, sources say (though actual turkey numbers aren’t available), with good public- and private-land opportunities.

Insiders say folks who spend a couple of days hunting public ground also have a high success rate. Some of the best public hunting is found in the massive Mauna Kea Forest.

The downside is the travel expense: getting there, lodging and the cost of the stay. Despite those challenges, this once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip and vacation might be worth the effort. 

Get in shape before your hunting trip to Hawaii. Fail to do this, and you’ll be gasping for air during climbs for these Big Island gobblers. The upside is you’ll look a shade better at the tiki bar.

Turkey Hunting in Hawaii (©Gizmo Photo-Shutterstock)

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