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Turkey Hunting in Maryland




Wild Turkey Population


Turkey Subspecies

Not available

Number of Licenses Sold Annually


Cost of Resident License and Permit

$65 to $160

Three-day waterfowl and small-game license, $65; season hunting license, $160

Cost of Non-Resident License and Permit

Image: NE_eastern_4

Photo by Elle777

Maryland has some birds. Still, our Turkey Hunting Nation grade falls right at a C, and is just satisfactory at that. Yes, Maryland’s turkey population — 45,000 — is stable but still low compared with surrounding states. Hunters there took 5,356 birds during Spring 2023.

The downside: Public land is at a premium, with the state agency holding title to but 111,000 acres spread throughout 47 wildlife management areas. There are several state forests, however, scattered across the state and ranging from 1,800 to 66,000 acres. It's a place that's hard to figure out for a turkey hunter. If you know somebody who has birds, that's usually the ticket (true most anywhere). So where should you look? The highest concentrations can be found in the central and western regions of the state, including the northern region near the Pennsylvania state line. Populations in the eastern side of the state have declined somewhat from previous highs.

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