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Florida Man Stabs Coyote With Kitchen Knife to Save Dog

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Florida Man Stabs Coyote With Kitchen Knife to Save Dog

Posted 2023-12-20  by  Stephanie Mallory

Both the man and the dog are OK after the frightening encounter

Jeffrey Goodwin says he’d just returned from work and had gotten out of his car at his Escambia County, Florida, home when heard his dog Bitty barking and crying out in pain.

"I just instinctually ran towards the woods in pitch black. Like ran into the lawnmower, jumped over the logs, and I just went towards the noise, you know?" he told

When he turned a flashlight on, he could see that Bitty was in the jaws of a coyote that was dragging her into the woods. He spotted two other coyotes nearby.

"She was getting drug... I saw everything flipping," he said.

Goodwin ran inside the house where he found two kitchen knives. He ran back outside and, in a rush of adrenaline, says he stabbed the coyote and killed it, saving Bitty.

"I yoked her up, brought her in, and I was like 'What just happened?'" Goodwin said. "My wife and my mother were like, 'Are you OK? What's going on?' They thought I was in trouble or something. I jumped over the couch and said 'My dog is getting eaten!'"

Both Bitty and Goodwin are OK, but no doubt frazzled by the experience.

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