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Watch Men Rescue Large Mako Shark Stranded on Florida Beach

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Watch Men Rescue Large Mako Shark Stranded on Florida Beach

Posted 2023/10/02  by  Stephanie Mallory

The rescuers pulled the shark into deeper water and it swam away

Pensacola, Florida, beachgoers chose to forego a relaxing day in the sand when they rushed to the aid of a large stranded mako shark.

A Texas woman caught the dramatic rescue on camera as her husband and some other men pulled the thrashing shark back into the water.

Tina Fey (no, not that Tina Fey) told News 6, “I was a little down the beach in the water shelling. My husband and our friend was sitting down just enjoying the view when they spotted the shark coming in and yelled at me to get out of the water.”

She said she ran to her husband and then watched as the mako "darted onto shore at a fast speed."

A group of men came to its rescue as it thrashed on the beach.

You can hear someone saying, “Babe it’s too dangerous. Don’t be doing that!”

The group was eventually able to pull the shark into deep enough water that it was able to swim away on its own to the cheers of those on the beach.

“It hasn’t changed my mind about swimming in the water, but I do keep an eye out for them. We were swimming in the same area today,” Fey said.

WEAR-TV in Pensacola posted a video of a deceased mako shark in the waters off Pensacola Beach a couple of days later, although there's no confirmation that it's the same shark rescued by the beachgoers earlier in the week.

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