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Alaska Guide Creations Holster Unisex


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The Alaska Guide Creations Holster gives you easy access to your sidearm while providing the flexibility to strap it to almost any piece of gear. The custom laser cut design allows the Holster to be used in a right or left handed fashion.  It not only attaches to all AGC packs, but also to any other chest harness, backpack, or everyday belt.


The adjustable nature of the of Holster makes it perfect for carrying MOST Compact and Sub-Compact Autos as well as Snub-nose and shorter barrel revolvers.


Will NOT accommodate weapons with optics or lights mounted to them.

Please ensure that the sidearm you intend to use in the holster fits based on the measurements below.

Two measurements to check fit:

Front of grip to end of barrel (this is not barrel length) - 6" or less

Top of barrel to bottom of trigger guard - 3 3/4" or less


Following other Alaska Guide Creations products, the AGC Pistol Holster is made in USA.

Each holster comes with 2 Gate Keepers.  One of which is to be place on the side nearest the bino pack, and should slide behind the female buckle of your chest harness to keep it from sliding up the strap.



7 1/4" (Length) x 4 1/4" (Width) x 2 1/2"" (Depth including baseplate)

NOTE: Due to the open end of the holster, it is recommended only for the use of pistols which barrel end is less than 6" from the front of the grip.

Video Below shows the older design, 2 piece holster.  For side mount please refer to the video and reference the first image in the group above.


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