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Alaska Guide Creations Rangefinder Pouch Unisex


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The Alaska Guide Creations Rangefinder Pouch is a must have item for all. The RF Pouch not only attaches to all AGC packs, but also to any other chest harness, backpack, or everyday belt. It is designed specifically to carry handheld, vertical style rangefinders.  Two micro-cord connection points are provided.  This allows the 1/16" bungee tether (included) to be tied at the location desired for right-handed or left-handed use.  The hook and bungee closure allows for quick, silent, one-handed use.  Following other Alaska Guide Creations products, the RF Pouch is made in USA.



3 1/2" (Width) x 4 1/2" (Height) x 2" (Depth)

Each item comes with (1) 50mm Gate Keeper that is to be placed on the side of the accessory nearest the pack, behind the female buckle to keep it in place. 


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