Monopod, Bipod, Or Tripod?

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Monopod, Bipod, Or Tripod?

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Monopod, Bipod, Or Tripod?

Which one is the best? (Russell Graves photo)

You go to the range and practice off a bench rest. You put bullet after bullet into a nice, tight cluster at all your hunting distances. The reason why: Your gun is solid and stable. When your gun is strapped into a Lead Sled or rested on sandbags, human error is eliminated.

How do you get that same feel of being steady when you're out hunting? You're not going to tote around a cumbersome shooting rest into the woods. The answer is simple: monopod, bipod, or tripod. But which one is right for you? There are differences between the three that work better for different situations.


The monopod offers a lot of advantages. The downfall: stability.


●The most simple of the three

●The most mobile and maneuverable

●The easiest to set up

●Can be used in a treestand

●Makes a great walking stick

●Great for run-and-gun type hunting

●Easiest to use with uneven ground


●The least stable of the three


With a bipod, it's a wash. The reasons for and against are equal in number.


●More stable than a monopod

●Works great for ground setups (i.e.: turkey/predator calling sets)

●Faster to set up than a tripod


●Harder to use in a treestand

●Less maneuverable than a monopod

●Not as stable as a tripod


The three-legged rest offers several advantages but only has a couple disadvantages.


●The most stable of the three

●Works great for standing shots

●Long-range accuracy


●Takes longer to set up for quick shots

●Hardest to quickly set up in steep/uneven terrain

So there you have it. Depending on what type of hunting you do should dictate what rest you go with. Western hunters and long-range hunters should use a bipod or tripod. Midwestern/ treestand hunters will find the better option to be a monopod for its small footprint and quick setup.

No matter what rest you choose, you need to practice with your chosen rest, not just shooting off the rest, but practice setting up the rest and maneuvering. Being quick and fluid are the goals.