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Discover the versatility and style of the Realtree 20 pc All Occasion Blank Note Card Set | EDGE. This collection of 20 notecards and envelopes provides a practical and charming solution for expressing gratitude, extending invitations, or sending heartfelt messages.


20 Piece Set of Notecards and Envelopes: With a generous set of 20 notecards and matching envelopes, this collection ensures you have an ample supply for various occasions. Whether it's a thank you note or an invitation, these cards are designed for all your personal messages.


Blank Inside for Personalized Messages: The notecards feature a blank interior, offering you the freedom to craft personalized messages for any occasion. Express your thoughts, gratitude, or invitations with a touch of individuality.


Realtree Edge Pattern: Immerse your correspondence in the distinctive Realtree Edge Pattern. This pattern adds a rugged and outdoor-inspired touch to your notecards, making them stand out with a unique and stylish design.


Convenient Size: Measuring at 4" x 6", these notecards offer a practical and convenient size for your messages. Whether you're mailing them or sharing them in person, these cards are easy to handle and share.


Enhance your personal messaging experience with the Realtree 20 pc All Occasion Blank Note Card Set | EDGE. From expressing gratitude to extending invitations, these notecards combine functionality and the rugged charm of the Realtree Edge Pattern for a personalized and stylish touch to your communications.



  • 20 Piece Set of Notecards and Envelopes
  • Blank inside - perfect for Thank you Notes, Invites etc
  • Realtree Edge Pattern
  • Size: 4"x 6"

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