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Realtree Hydrographic Film | EXCAPE


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  • Realtree EXCAPE Camo Pattern
  • Hydrographic film should be used by professionals and businesses that are familiar with hydrographic film and the process for which film is to be used and “installed”
  • If it can be painted and submerged in water, it can be dipped. From car parts, firearms, furniture, and phone accessories to something as ordinary as a light switch plate.
  • Regular tap water is used for the hydrographic process as well as rinsing decorated parts.
  • We recommend film (when not being used) be stored at 65 °F (+/- 5°F) and an overall humidity level of 55% (+/- 5%)
  • Please see base coat color chip provided with order 
  • Minimum order required is 5 meters
  • Sold by the Meter (minimum is 5 meters)
  • Product is non-cancelable, non-returnable

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