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Realtree Monster Bucks XXVIII Volume 1 & 2 (2020 Release)


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Realtree's Monster Bucks XXVIII Volume 1 delivers incredible GIANT buck action from all across the U.S.!


Go along with the Realtree camera as they capture amazing "never before seen" video of big whitetails being hunted by some of the most well known deer hunters including Bill Jordan, Michal Waddell, Tyler Jordan, Phillip Culpepper, Phillip Vanderpool, Don Kisky, Jeff Danker, Cody Kelley, Nate Hoise and more!


You'll see:

  • Atlanta Braves' Austin Riley take a big buck in Nebraska
  • Realtree Founder Bill Jordan score on a huge droptine buck in Montana
  • 11 year old Colton Jordan put his tag on a gorgeous buck in Texas
  • David Blanton arrow a big whitetail while using a decoy
  • Buck Commander's Grant Taylor take his widest buck ever... a Kansas Brute


The sizzling' hot Monster Buck action continues on Realtree's Monster Bucks XXVIII Volume 2... and you won't be disappointed!

  • Josh McDaniels smokes a 223" whitetail in Indiana with a muzzleloader.
  • Mark Heck arrows a buck scoring over 200" in Minnesota
  • Duck Commander's Justin Martin takes his best bow buck ever in Wyoming!
  • Mike McFerrin takes his biggest whitetail ever... in the Lone Star State. A giant!
  • Tyler Jordan punches his Nebraska tag on a massive 8 pointer

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