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Alligator Squeezes Through Fence to Defend Nest in Cocoa Beach Man's Backyard

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Alligator Squeezes Through Fence to Defend Nest in Cocoa Beach Man's Backyard

Posted 2023/08/11  by  Stephanie Mallory

The 6-foot-long reptile twisted its body to push through the small space in the fence

A Cocoa Beach, Florida man shared incredible footage of a 6-foot alligator squeezing through a tiny opening in his fence in order to protect the nest she built in his backyard.

Bill Geiger Jr. told that the reptile was desperate to defend the nest.

“Literally missiled through it; it was incredible,” Geiger said. “It caught me by surprise. I was shocked!”

In the video footage, you see Geiger fearlessly walk down to the water in search of the alligator.

“Let me just go out there real quick to see what’s going on,” Geiger said in the video. “Looks like she may have gone down that way for some reason.”

Brandon Fisher, a gator expert at Gatorland, explained that mother alligators can be very protective of their young.

“Please do not mess with mama alligator. Don’t feed any alligators. Don’t try to do anything with alligators in the state of Florida,” Fisher said. “For one, it’s against the law, and secondly, they have the potential to be very, very dangerous.”

Geiger said if it weren't for his children, he'd let the alligator share his backyard. But, the alligator is preventing his granddaughter from using the pool and his grandson from bringing over his dogs.

“I called [Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission] to find out what to do,” Gieger said. “They told me, ‘You’ve got to contact the city. You’ve got to do this. There’s a lot of red tape.’ Eventually, probably in a couple of days, they’re going to come out [to], I hope, remove the eggs and relocate the gator.”

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