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Photo Shows Rattlesnake Entangled in Bicycle Spokes in Family’s Garage

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Photo Shows Rattlesnake Entangled in Bicycle Spokes in Family’s Garage

Posted 2024-02-16  by  Stephanie Mallory

The snake was safely removed and relocated by a snake-handling expert

Some people are calling it “the best anti-theft device ever seen on a bike,” but one family certainly wished they had not found a rattlesnake coiled up in the spokes of their bicycle that was parked in their garage.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the diamondback rattlesnake was discovered at a home in north Phoenix, Arizona.

“I was called out for a rattlesnake that the homeowners had seen in their garage after arriving home for the day. ... I found our culprit coiled up in the spokes, seemingly pretty comfortable,” Bryce Anderson of Rattlesnake Solutions told McClatchy News.

“It’s the first time I’ve found a snake entangled in a bike like that! While a little surprising and definitely something I got a good laugh out of, it’s not entirely unusual for rattlesnakes in the wild to climb when given the opportunity.”

The snake measured almost 3 feet long. Hundreds of people have commented on a Facebook post showing the snake intwined in the bicycle spokes.

“This is the stuff of my nightmares! I might just throw out my bike,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Maybe he was trying to reach the pedals!” another posted.

Anderson said it wasn’t easy, but he managed to remove the snake without getting bitten.

“Upon attempting to apprehend our suspect, he became noticeably defensive, and gave me a little bit of trouble,” Anderson said. “But within a few minutes I had him safe and secured in a bucket.” The snake was released in a wilderness area “away from homes and bicycles, much to his dismay,” Rattlesnake Solutions reports.

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