"Crooked-Head Deer" Defies Odds for Survival

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"Crooked-Head Deer" Defies Odds for Survival

Posted 2019-04-15T23:43:00Z

"Crooked-Head Deer" Defies Odds for Survival

Deer are tough. We don't have to tell you that. As you know, they can survive and thrive even after suffering the most heinous of injuries. Take this doe for example. Kathryn Guevarra, the Idaho woman who filmed the unusual deer, says she first noticed the disfigured doe in the Saint Mary's area four years ago.

"Everyone in town has a name for her," Guevarra, said. "She's just called 'The Crooked-Head Deer.' When we talk to each other about it, we know exactly which deer we're talking about."

She says the deer appears healthy and she's seen fawns with her about every year.

"To me it's a miracle that she's even able to be alive and have babies after seeing her walk around with her neck kinked like this."

Idaho Game & Fish officers are aware of the deer and keep an eye on her. They suspect an accident left the deer with a broken spine, but with a spinal cord that wasn't severed -- a phenomenon which is rare, but not unheard of.

Have you ever seen a deformed deer in the wild?

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