Timber 2 Table - Chip Bag Camp Venison Tacos

Easy and fun to make and eat,these tacos are a sure hit with everyone at camp.

Chip Bag Camp Venison Tacos

20 Min

Prep Time

20 Min

Cook Time





One of our favorite things to do as a family is to load up and head down to the farm for a few days at the cabin. Be it turkey or deer camp, or just some time spent away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, family time at the farm is a great way to relax and have fun.

Chip bag tacos are a hit with every kid, big or little, in camp.

Pick up a selection of individual sized bags of corn or tortilla chips, or any other chip style everyone likes. I'm a big fan of crunchy Cheesy Jalapeno Cheetos in this one. Even pork rinds work well.

Brown the ground venison over the firepit or camp stove, then add the taco seasoning.


2 pounds ground venison

2 packs of taco seasoning

1/2 cup water

Assorted individual-sized bags of chips


sliced tomatoes

shredded lettuce

shredded cheese

diced onions

sliced jalapeno peppers

sour cream or ranch dressing

Cooking Instructions

Simply brown the ground beef in a cast iron skillet over the fire pit or camp stove. Add the taco seasoning and water.

Let everyone pick their favorite chips and toppings.

Open the chip bags and spoon on some taco meat. Add toppings of choice. Grab fork and enjoy.