7 Crazy Things You See in Turkey Hunting Camp

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7 Crazy Things You See in Turkey Hunting Camp

Posted 2019-02-22T08:18:00Z

Have You Ever Seen This Stuff in Turkey Hunting Camp?

Turkey hunting camp is your home away from home. It's where you meet with your buds, hatch plans to go after gobblers you've located, and where, well, crazy things sometimes happen. Seven of these wild and warped events follow.

© Ryan Orndorff illustration

1. Wet Socks

I mean, where do you put them? I've been both the perpetrator of this crime, and the victim.

Some guys can be downright artistic with it.

You've got to hang them somewhere to dry, especially on long road trips for turkeys, but hey.

2. Snoring

If you're the camp snorer, you know how hard it can be not to offend your buddies.

If you're one of those buddies, you have my sympathies.

Get a dozen guys together in camp, with most of them snoring in various ways, and it sounds like a barnyard on a spring day.

3. Pranks

Oh man, we could fill a book with this stuff.

Hiding your gear. Itching powder. Putting rocks in your turkey-vest pockets.

Having a warden bud "bust" you at your truck when you're done hunting on some false (but funny) drummed-up charge your buddies worked on with him.

The list goes on and on.

4. Cooking

Well, you can call it that, but many try, and often fail.

Burned eggs really suck, and ketchup can only help so much.

Ever wonder why those small-town diners are full during the pre-dawn hours, and why "Hunters Welcome" signs are plastered in front of those wonderfully inviting places?

Most turkey hunters, though Timber 2 Table's Michael Pendley surely can, can't cook.

5. Bad Dudes

There are turkey hunters, well, you just love to hate.

But even then, we're all brothers and sisters of the hunt. Right?

Find anybody in that post you know? Thought so . . .

6. Filth

If you've ever seen and experienced a turkey-camp bathroom on day five, you really don't want to return there again.

You'd rather do your business in the woods.

7. Behavior

Some guys can't fall asleep unless the TV is on.

This makes it tough for guys who can't sleep if the TV is on.

It can get downright crazy in turkey camp. But we work it out.

And then we can't wait to get back there the next turkey season.

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