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Oklahoma generally isn't thought of as a primary duck hunting destination, but it should be. Consider the numbers for a moment: more than 300,000 ducks in the bag for 2021-'22. That equates to more than 13 ducks per hunter for the season.

Goose hunting is also good but not quite as productive as it is a state or two to the north, where the big birds like to winter if they can.

But back to the ducks. Oklahoma offers an almost unmatched array of public hunting opportunities for a free-lance hunter, and that's seals the state's A rating. More than 1 million acres are open to hunters:

• Wildlife management areas, many of which have water for ducks.

• Waterfowl management areas and wetland development units, all devoted to ducks and open to public hunting.

• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lakes and related lands, encompassing 27 properties.

Although there is generally more water in eastern Oklahoma, don't overlook the drier western portion of the state for excellent duck hunting opportunities. Where water is scarce, ducks pack in more densely. Plus, hunting pressure is lighter.

— Compiled and written by Tom Carpenter

Photo © Sharon Day/Shutterstock

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