Duck Hunting in Vermont

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Duck Statewide Harvest


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No. Waterfowl Licenses Sold Annually


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Cost of Resident Waterfowl Hunting License


Cost of Resident State Stamps and Permits


Federal Duck Stamp

$50, small game

Cost of Non-Resident Waterfowl Hunting License


Cost of Non-Resident State Stamps and Permits


Federal Duck Stamp

Picture Vermont and you might think of maple syrup. Or Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Or, if you're a total outdoorsman, you might think of deep-woods black bears and reclusive whitetails. What you probably won't think about are ducks and geese, which is just fine with the handful of avid waterfowlers who call The Green Mountain State home.

As it is throughout New England, Vermont offers quality Canada goose hunting. Hunting pressure is low — way low — so by burning some fuel and knocking on a few doors, honker chasers should be able to secure permission for some stellar hunts.

As for ducks, Vermont is a white-bread kind of place: mallards, teal, wood ducks and black ducks inland, which isn't a bad thing. Mergansers, buffleheads and goldeneyes round out the menu. A knock-out duck hunting venue? No, but you can't beat Vermont for aesthetics.

— Compiled and written by M.D. Johnson

Photo © Marcin Perkowski/Shutterstock

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