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Banded Badlander Lightweight Women's Pants | MAX-7


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Experience unparalleled comfort and functionality with the Banded Badlander Lightweight Women's Pants in the dynamic MAX-7 pattern. Crafted for outdoor enthusiasts, these pants are designed to excel in high-exertion situations, ensuring you're ready for any adventure.


Designed for Function: Tailored with a focus on functionality, these pants are crafted to meet the demands of outdoor activities, providing you with a reliable companion for your adventures.


Detailed for Comfort: Enjoy optimal comfort during your outdoor pursuits, thanks to the detailed design that prioritizes your well-being, ensuring you can focus on the thrill of the experience.


Built to Handle High-Exertion Situations: Face high-exertion situations with confidence, as these pants are built to handle the rigors of outdoor activities, ensuring durability and performance when you need it most.


4-Way Stretch: Benefit from exceptional flexibility and freedom of movement with the 4-way stretch fabric construction, allowing you to navigate various terrains with ease.


Highly Breathable and Weather-Resistant: Stay comfortable in changing weather conditions with the highly breathable and weather-resistant fabric, providing the versatility needed for outdoor adventures.


Form-Flex Waist: Experience unmatched comfort and fit with the form-flex waist, designed to adapt to your movements and ensure a secure and comfortable fit throughout your activities.


Fully Articulated Leg/Knee: Enjoy enhanced mobility and support with the fully articulated leg/knee design, allowing you to move freely while providing the necessary support for dynamic activities.


Ergonomically Angled YKK Zippered Gear Pockets: Keep your essentials secure and easily accessible with ergonomically angled YKK zippered gear pockets, designed for quick and convenient access from any position.


Vent Zips on Rear of Legs: Stay cool during intense moments with vent zips on the rear of the legs, promoting airflow and temperature regulation for added comfort.


Boot-Cut Heel Design: Experience a tailored fit around the rear of your boot with the boot-cut heel design, eliminating pant dragging and ensuring a clean and functional look.


Feminine Cut: Enjoy a functional and feminine fit with these pants, designed to complement the shape of women for a stylish and performance-oriented silhouette.



  • Designed for function, detailed for comfort, and built to handle with ease high-exertion outdoor situations.
  • 4-way stretch, highly breathable and weather-resistant fabric construction
  • Form-flex waist for unmatched comfort and fit
  • Fully articulated leg/knee provides mobility-enhancing support
  • Ergonomically angled YKK zippered gear pockets hold essentials in place and allow for quick and easy access from any position
  • Vent zips on rear of legs
  • Boot-cut heel design contours rear of boot and eliminates pant dragging
  • Feminine cut for functional women’s fit

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