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Pennsylvania May Open New Hunting Season

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Pennsylvania May Open New Hunting Season

Posted 2024-02-09  by  Stephanie Mallory

The state may offer a wild pheasant season if Game Commission Board approves measure

Image: pheasant

Pennsylvania may implement a pheasant hunting season if measure approved. Image by John Hafner

Pennsylvania hunters may soon be able to participate in a pheasant hunting season, according to highlights presented during a recent Pennsylvania Game Commission meeting and reported on by

Per the Game Commission’s highlights of the meeting posted to its site, there are two Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas in the state, and young hunters who won drawings have had limited opportunities to hunt in one of those areas.

The Game Commission provided preliminary approval to a measure that will allow its executive director to decide whether the Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas will be open to rooster-only pheasant hunting, along with season length and bag limits.

The Game Commission said the measure does not mean there will be a pheasant season “in the coming year,” but if the board does move forward with the approval in April, it said the season “would be open to all hunters eligible to hunt pheasants.”

If a pheasant season is opened, the Game Commission said, “Limiting harvest to roosters would adequately control the biological impacts on the wild population.”

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