Grizzly Kills Moose Calf During Wedding Ceremony in Glacier National Park

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Grizzly Kills Moose Calf During Wedding Ceremony in Glacier National Park

Posted 2023-01-06T09:53:00Z

The wedding videographer finished filming the vows before turning his camera to the attack

A couple hoping to capture some of Glacier National Park's natural grandeur and majesty during their wedding got more than they bargained for when a grizzly killed a moose calf just across the lake during their ceremony.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Colorado wedding videographer Stanton Giles, you can see the shock on guests' faces as the camera moves from them to a grizzly attacking a moose calf on the opposite shore of a nearby lake.

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In the footage, the groom delivers his vows as the noise from the attack can be heard in the background.

"Since I became a videographer, I've seen some pretty crazy things and been to some really cool places, but none of that is as crazy as when I saw a grizzly bear kill a moose during a wedding," Giles said in the video.

"The grizzly bear chased the moose off the mountain and down onto the shore of the lake while the groom was reading his vows," Giles explained. "And why didn't I capture it on camera, you ask? Because I'm a good wedding videographer, and I was filming the groom. Torn between being a National Geographic filmmaker and a wedding videographer, I held my camera on the groom until he finished his vows."

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